Does Your Child Need Help?


As parents it is important to us that we do what is best for our children. Every parent knows their child is precious and special and so much more than what is seen by others. We despair when our child is having problems. Through our suffering, we must make painful decisions about how to best help our child. Teachers, clergy, coaches, physicians, and other adults who have regular contact with your child may be helpful. Some children need more, and that help is also available.

Which behaviors indicate the need for an evaluation by a child/adolescent psychiatrist?


• Tries hard in school, but grades are poor

• Frequent nightmares

• Frequent temper tantrums without an apparent cause

• Marked decrease in school performance

• Constant movement

• Frequent disobedience

• Profound opposition to authority

• Extreme worry

• High anxiety

• Frequent aggression

• Refusal to participate in normal age appropriate child activities

• Physical complaints, headaches/stomach aches, without evidence of illness


• Extreme changes in sleeping habits

• Frequent physical complaints

• Extreme changes in eating habits

• Threatens to harm self

• Threatens to harm others

• Persistent negative attitude

• Threatens to run away

• Angry outbursts

• Thefts

• Vandalism

• Remarkable decrease in school performance

• Use of drugs or alcohol

• Frequent aggression

• Problems coping with daily activities

• Frequent nightmares

• Truancy

• Difficulty solving problems

• Sexual acting-out

• Frequent violations of the rights of others

• Bizarre thoughts or beliefs

• Persistent negative mood

• Opposition to authority

• Self injury

• Difficulty sleeping

• Poor appetite

• Thoughts of death

• Extreme fear of obesity without body weight to justify fear

• Purging food, refusing to eat

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