Rapid Trauma Recovery

what is trauma?

A trauma, or critical incident, occurs whenever you are faced with sudden or unexpected events that involve elements of threat, loss or disruption of basic value systems. The traumatic reaction almost always has an impact on your "comfort zone", (what is familiar, comfortable and safe). Traumatic events can range from a single, overwhelming event such as a hurricane, fire, sexual assault, shooting, robbery, airplane crash or car accident, to the more complicated and enduring situations such as child abuse, domestic violence and war. These can be individual or shared events.

Understanding trauma can be challenging because a definition of trauma must include more than the terrible event itself. It also includes the individual reactions that follow the trauma, which can temporarily incapacitate victims with overwhelming force.

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Without trauma resolution, there is a strong likelihood of a chronic struggle throughout life with distress, family problems, job difficulties, chemical dependency and potential suicide.

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