Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


Have you ever listened to your child tell you about their school day and realize that you didn't hear a word? Have you ever driven home from work and realized that you don't remember the drive? When this occurs, we have been "mindless".

Mindfulness is intentional paying attention to being "present" in the moment. Being mindful creates a habit of careful experiences which increase the quality of life.

Stress cn wreak havoc with our mind and body. Sometimes we ignore these events until our physical or emotional dysfunction becomes so severe it demands our notice.

Mindfulness provides the process of having the richest possible experience by teaching awareness of the senses. This allows us to be more informed, more responsive and less reactive and inattentive.

Practicing MBSR intensifies the feelings that are present. For this reason it has been very beneficial in healthcare settings. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and stress all have a great impact on health and illness.

Research has shown that individuals who learn and practice these skills are likely to have a better health outcome than those who do not. The deep relaxation promoted by concentrated attention can help reduce response to stress.

The practice of MBSR is easy, but you may find it helpful to learn with a leader.

For more information or assistance, contact Soundside Wellness Consultants at
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The practice of mindfulness, benefits many symptoms of stress or disease. It also strengthens our ability to be creative and experience the joy of being fully present every day.

For more information or to enroll in upcoming classes, contact us at Soundside Wellness Consultants.

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