Teen Anger Management

Teens can be as confused about their angry outbursts as you are. Anger and tears when you try to talk to them may indicate that they could feel embarrassed and helpless to change.

Today's teens are under tremendous pressure to excel academically as well as socially. When this pressure becomes overwhelming, teens often try to cope through self-defeating behaviors. They struggle to find their own identity amidst a crowd of negative influences such as drugs and alcohol, often staying out late and exercising poor time management. Frequently their attitude and behavior will spiral out of control. Many times depression will set in and manifest itself in anger and violence or despair and withdrawal. In spite of your love and attention, their judgment has become temporarily clouded, rendering them incapable of comprehending the direction of their life choices.

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Some teens may repress their anger and withdraw; others may be more defiant and destroy property. They will continue their behavior, or it may escalate, until they decide to look within themselves to the roots of their anger. But teenage anger is a feeling, an emotion, not a behavior. And anger is usually caused by something going on in a teen's life.

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